I am Eric Frierson, Digital Services Manager at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.  This blog is an outlet for work-related projects that I think would be beneficial to the library community, mostly code-related.

It is called “The (Third-)Party Librarian” because third-party products are the bread-and-butter of library resources.  I want to make those products better, and I do so by building on the products as much as I can within the limits set by the third-party vendor.

Surprisingly, you can do a lot with just a little know-how.  I think I’m who they’re referring to when they say someone “knows just enough to be dangerous.”

I am eager to collaborate, so if you see a project on this blog you want to help with, please speak up!  I would like to partner with other libraries to see if my code works in other places and demonstrate its effectiveness with user testing.

I have been a high school teacher and a reference librarian, and I combine that with formal education in Computer Science to make my project focus on public services as much as possible.  Enjoy!

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